January 3, 2020

The Birth of Nora

Birth Stories

Welcome Nora

I got a text at 4:55 on a December evening "I think its time!" was its content. I asked the client what her contractions were like and when she said 1 minute I kissed the kids bye and raced over! This was my clients third baby so I imaged her labor would move quickly and boy did it! I arrived at 5:15 and it wasn't an hour later her baby girl had arrived.

Mom was a complete force of Mother Nature! She rocked her fast and furious labor with complete control. She laughed in between contractions, talked with friends, and watched The Office (yes, THE FREAKING OFFICE!) up until her baby was coming!

Her midwife stayed close and knew Mom was doing amazing work.

Her partner was so supportive and knew exactly what she needed. He made her laugh in between contractions and held her hands at the end when she needed that extra love to bring her baby earthside.

Around 6pm it was time for baby Nora to come! Mom leaned over the side of her bed and baby was here before we could even get a chux pad under her! Nora came perfectly into the world pink and crying and mom laid back and put her on her chest. Her partner was right by as they gazed in their new daughters beauty!

Big sister was beyond excited and wanted to be in on all the action once baby was here while big brother kept a watchful eye from a little more of a distance.

The family cuddled up in bed, baby Nora nursed (a lot!) and Mom got to rest while Dad got his first baby snuggles!

This speedy quick birth was absolutely beautiful. I never get tired of witnessing such a magic moment. All different and all uniquely beautiful in their own way. Thank you so much for allowing me to step into your birth space, you are a rock star!