May 17, 2020

A Water Birth Story

Birth Stories

When I met this family I knew that Mom was determined to have a water birth. It was her plan from the beginning and when the time came for her baby to come there was not another option! I got "The Text" later one evening around 9pm that her contractions were very steady and that she was ready for me. When I arrived the pool was blown up and mom was ready to get in. Unfortunately, the water heater didn't quite have enough hot water to fill up the tub and her birth team worked hard boiling water on the stove trying to get it warm for her. Mom labored for an hour or so on her birth ball waiting for that glorious pool to be ready. When the time came she practically dove in! Once in the pool things really picked up and within the next hour her sweet baby boy was born, exactly the way she planned. Big sister watched the whole thing while the middle sister slept. Moms husband and mother never left her side as she worked so hard to bring her baby earthside. It was such a beautiful birth and it is always a joy to work with A Mother's Love Midwifery and Willow Birth Services, they always serve their clients so well!

Very patiently waiting on the pool to be ready.

pot after pot they continued to warm up the water

Brandy probably filled up 50 pots of water! She kept saying "we will get this water warm for you if it's the last thing I do" and she did!

Finally in the pool! Her partner was right by her side.

Beautiful Support

And in what seems like a quick minute things go from zero to one hundred and your baby is coming!

Mom, Dad and Baby snuggled up in bed. Baby was so alert snuggled up in his mommas arms!

Gentle bedside exam. I remember Yvonne saying "go get in bed I can bring him over to you and do this!"

Congrats to your sweet family! It is always an honor to be welcomed into a birth space and do this magic work. Thank you a million times over!