January 16, 2020

A Fresh 48 Story

Meeting Gracie

There is nothing sweeter than getting to meet a family with a sweet new baby. Wether it is your 12th or 1st adding a tiny baby to your world is one of the best feeling ever. Miss Gracie has the sweetest mommy and daddy to call hers. She came perfectly into the world on a crisp December day and has been surrounded by nothing but love! I just adore fresh48 sessions, glowing new families and new squishy baby cheeks make my job so much fun. I am always honored to be chosen to be a part of your story.

The glow of a sweet new family is such a sweet thing to see. Nothing in the world can get then down, and nothing should!

I could just squeeeeeil at that squished up brow! She wasn't so sure of this crazy lady all up in her face!

Gah that little hand!

Little Gracie loved the football hold to nurse! Some babies really love this and some can't stand it! Often it is an easier way for first time moms to figure the nursing thing out!

The butterfly on her little hat was very special to the family, butterflies represented a gone family member. I love that I can help create special moments for my families.

Sweet girl knew her Mama was there (ovaries SCREAM)

The hospital was giving families the sweetest little Santa hats to all the December babies being born! I can't get over how cute it was!